Online Attack by Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds

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Cancel Culture attack

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There are very bad things being said about me - mostly by people who don't even know me, who don't know what really happened, and who have no idea about the manipulation happening behind the scenes. This is a perfect example of a Cancel Culture and narcissism by the YITP admin.

In this narrative, I offer my side of the story with compelling screenshots that shed light on the lies, ambiguity and deception.

A malicious and aggressive fabrication has been launched against me by the 2 admins of Yoga in the Park (YITP) - Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds. They used the Nomad Girls FB page as their platform for fabricated accusations - that they never substantiated, proved or verified. However, now that new information is coming out and being posted on the same group, the Comment feature has been disabled and people who share this webpage are intimidated and threatened.

What is the real reason why Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds launched this attack using the Nomad Girls?

What is the real reason why Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds launched this attack using the Nomad Girls?

Simple. The attack was a vindictive retribution because I called them incompetent, negligent, duplicitous and disingenous. They wanted to 'teach me a lesson' and show everyone who's running the show at YITP. Their accusation was malicious and baseless. It was purely meant to drag my name through the mud for calling them incompetent and dishonest. My message to them below:

Cancel Culture attack

Bear in mind the following:

  1. The lady who received the 'creepy massage' already apologized and sent a letter of retraction to Marina. At this point, Marina and Nathan already knew that their basis in disallowing me to teach at YITP was unfounded.
  2. They searched for YITP for any inappropriate behavior but could not find any - otherwise, someone would have already stepped forward.
  3. They admitted to me that their accusation was unsubstantiated. When I pressed them both for details, context, names, etc., they could not say anything. Finally, Nathan said, "We'll look into it." Yes, 'they'll look into it' - meaning they didn't do any investigation whatsoever before they launched their attack.

So, why were they hell-bent on dragging my name through the mud, overstepping their jurisdiction within YITP and cast a wider net to the Nomad Girls?

Comments from the Community

Comments from the Community

katharine dayKatharine UK Yoga in the Park Teacher
(Oct 21, 2021) I believe he is innocent of recent accusations and am deeply saddened at how he has been treated, especially by a so-called "conscious community". He has my sympathy and support.

Tom MaherTom USA Yoga in the Park Teacher
(Oct 18, 2021) You are one of the most kind and welcoming people that I have met here in CM. You offer people so much in your classes. I’ve said to Chunya many times the amount of knowledge and experience that you give in your classes could be marketed as a full workshop, and people have been getting this for free in the park. To label you as a 'predator' and claim that your classes are some kind of ploy is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve appreciate having you as a teacher, mentor, and friend, and I hope this all comes to pass soon.

Nat RuttanaponNat Thailand Yoga in the Park Teacher
(Oct 18, 2021) Ohhh, I'm so sorry for you and your situation , you are a very good teacher. I understand that you have a hard time to dealing with misunderstanding like this. But don't worry, It doesn't matter about how they were thinking about you in a wrong way. You are you who gave me so many amazing energy and you are a Good teacher, Good heart, Good mind. No need to prove anything. Just be yourself. I'm always be here for you. She might had bad experience in her life but cuz of her experience made you are in trouble but nothing going to change the way you are or who you are. One day she will sorry to you.

I always remember and love the way you teach me "Don't react just be observer". We could not change the way they think about us but it doesn't mean they are right.

I'm always here for you, please let me know if anything i can do for you. Namaste

monika_jablonskaMonika Poland Yoga in the Park Teacher
(Oct 19, 2021) You have my all support. Take care and don't think too much about it. Life goes on and you are a good person!!!

Gareth and JoannaKhru Gareth UK and Joanna Poland
(Oct 25, 2021) We are writing to convey our support for our teacher, who has been teacher to Joanna and I for over a year now. I in fact started doing Yoga, because of him, his knowledge and enthusiasm. We have attended many classes with him, as well as being taught by him. We have never seen any behaviour or actions that could be described as ‘creepy’ or ‘predator’. It certainly appears that this innocent incident has been maliciously blown out of proportion by certain social media predators who enjoy the social media spotlight, even at the expense of our beloved YITP group. We have certainly enjoyed your lessons, and thank you for all your time and knowledge that you have given to us. We hope that this is resolved soon, and that the Admin (Marina) will apologise for her actions and distortions that do not bring credit to our group. Regards Gareth and Joanna

"I am so sorry this happened to you. The first time I read it in The Nomad group I really didn't think it was you at all. Because I have been to your place many times over coffee and yoga classes and I feel very comfortable with you everytime. Please Please Please don't let this bother you anymore. Let bygone be bygone. I will come give a very big hug...and I will never unfriend you. No Chance!!! Love you" -- OS

"I won't insult you by saying I haven't heard about your situation -- and I won't dismiss our friendship over distant chatter. I won't be deleting you, canceling you, ignoring you. I look forward to properly catching up with you...they might shed some light on your situation and the weaponized victim-mentallity that seems to plague our world of late. Well stay chill. Remember that chatter is like white noise and the truth is rock and roll...and I know you know how to enjoy the music dude" -- DAJ

"Let it be, let it be. Weird times. Of course, I will not unfriend you, I know you and I value our friendship. Big Hug and do take really good care of yourself. See you soon." -- CK

"Your post really describes a terrible situation and I can only imagine how uncomfortable the situation is! I hope it will get put behind soon! Good luck!" -- AL

"Holy shit. What a mess. I have been against this Cancel Culture mess since I first got a whiff of it several years ago. It got me cancelled a few years ago. A truly horrible experience. I feel for you brother. They are infected and unresponsive to reason and fairness." -- DF

"You're a victim of Cancel Culture" -- JT

"Hey, I am sorry to hear this. For me, just ignore them after you tried to explain. People love to gossip and think they are important or better than anyone. I don't judge people, also you too. You're my friend and I hope you can solve this!!! Giving you a hug!" -- NC

"I envision your truth coming out stronger than the mis-truths." -- JMS

"I won't unfriend you. Cheer up!" -- JLC

"Don’t worry. I don’t listen some nonsense stories. Cheer you up" -- PKR

"I know who you are and your intentions. I will never unfriend you but hope all gets clear and better for you. I am sorry to hear this and this is such a very big learning for us all. Stay connected and peace." -- PAT

"I do not know you but I can only feel that you are a respectful and a nice person. I'm always feeling comfortable around you and happy to be your friend." -- NN 🙏

"I am sorry to hear that you are going through this, you have my support and I hope that this goes away soon and you don’t suffer as a result of the damaging words already posted." -- SD

"I do not involve myself with gossip and take people as I find them. Please keep me on your friend list and I hope this passes over and reveals a wonderful lesson and learning" -- JG

"I am so sorry. I believe you are a good person" -- VB

"I didn't pay attention to these things,You are my friend" -- ML

"...but by just reading your post about it and screenshots. I would say that if you know deep in your heart that you are not guilty of any of those accusations, don’t dwell too much on it. You don’t even need to explain yourself further." -- CP

"You are a highly respected & intelligent individual / teacher. I’m so sorry you are experiencing this." -- ST

"I’m sorry that this has occurred my friend. Continue to be strong. I don’t believe you have bad intentions." -- MK

"I don’t judge or brand people. I don’t care about other people they speak behind people to judge them. We all have a past life and no one is better than the other. I will always meet you at same eye level." -- MMN 🙏

"I really don't give a fuck about these things. Hope you're doing okay" -- MF 🙂

"At first I wasn't going to even read your side of the story because you are righteous brother in my heart and mind. No worries about me, even though we don't spend enough time with each other, I would always want you as a teammate." -- RC 🙏🙏🙏

"I never thought low of you because of any of this. Hope you guys worked it out though." -- AP

"I didnt believe the accusation." -- PP

"I am deeply saddened to here such an unpleasant situation occurred. It sounds like you handled yourself and the situation with integrity. Please know I have no plan to delete you as my friend. I feel you are a good person. If you need an ear I’m always around. Stay strong this too will pass and the best thing is you get to see your true friends." -- YH

Failed Peace Talk

Failed Peace Talk

A former admin of YITP brokered a peace talk to settle this. Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds and myself agreed. I stated my terms to end this mess - generous with no shaming. After 48 hours with nothing from them, I walked out and the truce was broken. This is an urgent matter and I didn't come to the peace talk to wait indefinitely or be drawn into a protracted back-and-forth negotiation.

I will update this blog accordingly to clear my name and expose any wrong doings done by my accusers.

An Open Letter to the 2 Admins of Yoga in the Park

An Open Letter to the 2 Admins of Yoga in the Park: Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds

TO: Nathan and Marina (admins of YITP),
cc: current teaching teachers of YITP

You Heard it From the Grapevine
You stopped me from teaching at the park because you 'heard' that I made someone feel uncomfortable by giving her a creepy massage. You did not probe into the details, no verifying of what actually happened, no due-diligence. You could have done your homework to find out if there was even truth in this. You're both not here. You don't know what's happening in Chiang Mai.

Facing my Accuser
I tried to address this creepy massage issue once by posting a message to the vegan group and I thought it would go away, but apparently, not. To finally straighten things out once and for all, through a common friend, I asked that a meeting be arranged between that lady and me, in front of our common friend, as witness. To cut the long story short, that meeting ended up with the following:

  1. apology from her
  2. full retraction
  3. a letter of retraction to four other people - with you, Marina Forster, being one of them (message screencaptured below).

Please note that the lady said, "I did not feel comfortable because of my trauma history" - not because of the chopping massage. And I understand that. We go through life with triggers. I once got hate for opening a door for someone. It was taken as a sexist gesture (gender-biased gesture). My mistake was being too eager to help. I should have asked first. But I am relieved that that issue has finally been resolved - there was no wrong-doing whatsoever on my part. Everything was just blown out of proportion.

By this alone, you both should have apologized and everything should have been cleared. But instead of apologizing, you cast a wider net beyond YITP - you took this to the Nomad Girls group on FB.
My Love for Yoga in the Park

Love for Yoga in the Park (YITP)

You both also made other damaging accusations about me regarding YITP.

First and foremost, do not assume you both enjoy a monopoly on good intentions for YITP. I love this group and I give my blood, sweat and tears for this group.

I'd been protective of YITP:

  1. stood up to the AA guys when they brushed away Aida's class from the covered area
  2. confronted an intoxicated outsider who harassed a participant while in Nicola's class
  3. (with Joe Saylor) confronted a camera guy who kept taking intimate pictures of the group during Monika's class

I would be the last person to harm this group.

I held YITP close to my heart for all these years, teaching and meeting the teachers who have come and gone, writing about their good qualities (with you being one of them, Marina), inviting them for coffee at my place and forging good friendships (with you being one of them again, Marina, as you had been here many times), inviting them with their loved ones (as with Neil and his dad, you (Marina and K), Aida and Svarupa, etc.) In short, Marina, you've played a part in just about everything. More than anyone else, you should know better if there was any inappropriate behavior on my part.

And if there was ever any doubt in your mind about my character, we wouldn't have had this Sept 4 conversation:



You both accused me of inappropriate behavior that made women feel unsafe at YITP

This came as a shock to me. This is a very...very serious accusation. As I have said, I would never ever do anything to hurt this group. Second, yoga happens under this open and small pavilion at the park - in full view of everyone. How on earth can any inappropriate behavior happen without everyone knowing and seeing it? Did you even perform due-diligence before making this accusation? There are many teachers who participate in the classes. Have you asked them? Have you asked Kate? Monika? Nat? Tom? Juanito? Joe? Stephanie? Karen? Nicola? I attend nearly all classes and nearly all teachers see me there. They would know if something wrong was happening, and they would come out. But no one ever did, because your accusations never happened and will never happen. Since the two of you are not in Chiang Mai, you could have done more before you started accusing me based on hearsay.

When I asked you for numbers (how many actually complained?), your answer was, "It's not important". When I asked you who complained - students or teachers? It took you a long while of dilly-dallying before you said, "from both" - how convenient! When I asked you in what context was the behavior done? You gave an irrelevant answer, "there were concerns". When I asked you again to be specific on what concerns, your answer wasn't even coherent, "it's about your behavior" - you both were just looping. When I pressed further, you said, "We'll look more into it". So you came out with blazing guns on me without really doing your homework. Did you even ask the teachers?

For nearly 3 years now, I had been extending friendship and hospitality at my place - offering yoga, coffee, conversation and connection. I've always wanted to do this but could not in the so many years I had been traveling on a very tight budget. Now I can, so I do. Nearly all the teachers at YITP have been there. Some are regulars and have become good friends. Some enjoy a standing invite to stop by anytime. If there was any impropriety done, it would have been known by now. For something inappropriate to come out, it would have to be fabricated.

Who is the Real Predator?

Who is the Real Predator?

When my massage-accuser came forth with a letter of retraction to you and explained that there was no wrong-doing whatsoever, it cleared my name. Nobody ever came out of YITP to complain about inappropriate behavior - none. The yoga community has always been safe and remain safe - the community police(s) itself. That has already been established. There was absolutely no cause for alarm. And you are very well aware of that. You should have just apologized and walked away.

And this is where it got sinister. I still don't know what your motivation is, but in your vain effort to smear me, you created a phantom enemy from thin air. And then you cast a wide net outside of YITP (an outright abuse of your mandate). You brought it to the Nomad Girls. You knew you were kicking a bee hive by doing this. You introduced a climate of fear in yoga where there is none. You threw out inflammatory statements like:

1. "if you have been propositioned by a male yoga teacher in an uncomfortable manner"

2. "there is a male teacher who has been using his platform for nefarious and misleading purposes"

3. "...women who fear rising up because of retribution"

The Nomad Girls is a strong collective of smart and independent women and I have a profound respect to my female friends who are part of that group (many of whom have come to my place for coffee, friendship and ease). But a lot of them have a trauma history. They have deep seated wounds that you essentially capitalized on. You preyed on their pain and you preyed on their vulnerabilities in order to rally them towards what you led them to believe was an enemy - when all the while it was your personal agenda. And they unwittingly played into it because they trusted you.

And this is where it even gets clever. As they voiced their fright, anger and fear, you came forth and packaged yourself as their champion with heroic words like:

1. "I am here to cultivate a safe, strong and supportive space"

2. "I want to assure you that I am here for you"

You brilliantly played them like violin. It's beyond betrayal of trust. It's extremely cruel.

Who is the real predator, Marina Forster?

Fanning the Flame
You created the flame, and you fanned the flame by pouring inciting words:

1. "The more we stand together, the stronger we are"

2. "No woman has ever accomplished success without pissing off a man first"

3. " incredible badass women"

Are you sure you are just conducting a fact-finding inquiry? Sounds more like a battle cry before a siege. Were you cleverly using them to fight your proxy war?

And don't forget. You haven't stepped down and left the YITP group - so this kind of aberrant behavior puts YITP in bad light. Can you justify this behavior for our benefit? And please don't use "violation of group rules" as a pretext - you insult everyone's intelligence here if you do that.

Concealing the Truth from the Nomad Girls

Concealing the Truth from the Nomad Girls

Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds, you brought your crusade to the Nomad Girls and asked them to come forward with information. It was all good to you when hate comments started pouring in. However, when something favorable about me comes up, you threaten and intimidate them. And lately, now that more information is coming in to shed light, you had the COMMENT feature of Nomad Girls disabled - which means they don't see new information and the only ones they see are your inflammatory accusations. Are you afraid the Nomad Girls might turn on you when they find out they were played?

Creating a Fictitious Climate of Fear

Creating a Fictitious Climate of Fear

Don't you even realize how reckless and irresponsible your actions are? By introducing a fictitious climate of fear, here is what came out:

What was posted on Nomad Girls:

Please note her choice of words:
  1. "I was approached" - I was still on my mat while we were talking. She approached me.
  2. "I was not comfortable" - when you use this line, it changes everything. The whole story becomes sinister.
  3. "Then he invited me to come to his place...I'm glad I didn't go" - sure, that sounds creepy. An honest and accurate statement would have been, "he invited me to attend his yoga class at a yoga space where he stays"
  4. "Has anybody else had this experience?" - and I'm sure they all came out in droves

It already generated negativity and riled some nerves, creating a climate of fear. Note that everyone jumped on this post, generating 46 comments in just 2 days, mostly hate comments - none of them knowing what truly transpired because the story was altered.

How it really happened (my actual conversation with this lady):

Again, please note her choice of words this time:
  1. "It was nice meeting you too."
  2. "I enjoyed our conversation"
  3. "Where and when is it?"
  4. "I’ll let you know later if I can make it"
Does that sound like someone who felt uncomfortable? Does the above conversation even allude to anything inappropriate? Can you see how radically distorted her messages are depending on the audience? You be the best judge.

Another case in point?

This one talks about being touched, together with 7 women by "the SAME yoga teacher". Either she's lying or talking about another guy. Why?

She's never been to any of my classes!

Background, we are acquainted. I met her in two dinners hosted by a common friend, but we hardly know each other. However, when she passed by my place while I was hosting dinner with my friends, I invited her to join us. She stayed a very short while and had to leave for a teaching schedule, but before leaving, she asked me, "But when is the next dinner happening?" - and all my dinner guests are witness to that. Does that sound like a woman who is even remotely victimized? That was the last time I saw her.

Do you appreciate the gravity of all this? Again, that wide net you cast was irresponsible and cruel to the Nomad Girls who unwittingly played into it.
An Open Letter to the Nomad Girls

An Open Letter to the Nomad Girls

To the Nomad Girls of Chiang Mai
Please know that despite the character bashing, I bear no grudge or anger towards your group or any one of you. I would react the same way.

  1. You had been lied to - you were presented a phantom enemy, a sexual predator that lurks within your midst, when there was full knowledge that none exists
  2. You had been rallied to fight, not knowing it was a proxy war - with inciting slogans like "No woman has ever accomplished success without pissing off a man first"
  3. You had been presented a fake champion - with heroic lines like "I want to assure you that I am here for you"
  4. You had been denied the truth - new information about the situation has been suppressed with intimidation and threats. The Comment feature has been disabled
  5. In short, you had been played

I see the world through my daughters' lenses. I would be the last person on the planet to inflict harm on women. Since then until now, I try to make a difference about gender equality. When I defended the female riders from criticism by mountain biking legend, Brian Lopes, I was attacked instead by members of my own tribe. I stood my ground. Here's the story if you care to read:

I also implore upon you to be vigilant against Cancel Culture. You've already seen its devastating effect on lives and communities. We have a paradise here in Chiang Mai were communities and tribes coexist and thrive. Let's keep it that way.

Peace out

Truth and Critical Thinking

Truth and Critical Thinking

When you create a climate of fear and a feeding frenzy ensues, the first 2 casualties are truth and critical thinking. Then the lies get passed around until it becomes out of control. This damages lives and ruins reputations.

Admin Accountability

Admin Accountability

I am adding the current teaching-teachers in this discussion because they are stakeholders of this group as much as the admins. Both of you, Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds, are accountable to them as well. These teachers are the ones who are in Chiang Mai, who come out and teach for free, they are the ones who interact with the students, and they are the ones who know what's actually happening here. They deserve to know what is happening behind the scenes and their voices are equally as important as yours.

Who Holds the Real Power at Yoga in the Park?

Who Holds the Real Power at Yoga in the Park?

Yoga in the Park is nothing but a name on Facebook - just a name. It is not a registered business, it has no assets and it has no place of business (not even the covered pavillion where classes are conducted). It doesn't pay the teachers any wage, no per diem, no benefits whatsoever. But without these teachers, YITP is nothing but an empty shell. Yes, the power of YITP reside with the teachers - and not with the admins. Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds are just 2 admins who abuse their privilege as admins to throw their weight around. These 2 are not even in Chiang Mai. When in Chiang Mai, they don't even teach a yoga class. But every teacher has to function under the overlording of these two admins. The teachers cannot do anything without the approval from these 2 admins.

What happens when the teachers leave YITP? Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds become judge, jury and executioner of an empty shell. Their bullying pulpit is gone. They have no power whatsoever.

Empowering the Yoga Teachers

Empowering the Yoga Teachers

After this exposure on the abuses of the admins, I am not sure if the teachers feel comfortable working under the watch of Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds.

The teachers can simply form their own free yoga group. The teachers are the admins - not the 2 people who are not even in Chiang Mai and not even teaching yoga. Every teacher will have one vote - even the newest, even the shy. Decisions are arrived at through tribal consensus - not dictated by Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds. Teachers can make their own by-laws and policies relevant to the situation - and not be told by these existing 2 admins. In this setup, the teachers are empowered. This ensures the well-being of the yoga community and the well-being of the teachers themselves. But if the teachers want this, they have to create it. They have to empower themselves by making the effort. I can do it, but I won't. They have to do it and show resolve.

Be Heard

Be Heard

I appeal to all the teachers here to come forward if there was any wrong doing on my part. However, if you wish to express any commendable behavior on my part, please do so as well - no one is stopping you. Let everyone see a balanced picture.

Step Down and Leave the Group

Step Down and Leave the Group

Marina Forster and Nathan Sudds, the way you handled this matter is appalling and disingenuous. Probity demands that you both step down and leave the group. The teachers here are all smart and more than capable to manage the day-to-day of YITP as they have already been doing so. There might be some occasional kinks, but they'll manage without you. Like I said, everyone is smart and if need be, more than able to start their own Chiang Mai Free Yoga group.

Nathan, we all know you created this group. It has organically grown to the beautiful thing it has become, in service to the yoga community. But you are not here and you don't even teach yoga. This will survive without you.

The clear and present threat to YITP is not the fictitious predator that has been cleverly fabricated from thin air. YOU! Both of you are the clear and present threat to YITP. Have the decency to step down and leave the group.

Time to Heal?

Time to Heal?

Please understand that I am not a happy warrior. I am in a pressure cooker right now and it's extremely unpleasant - you'll never know until it happens to you. Putting a stop to all this now would come as a great relief for me. BUT NO. This must only stop when this social cancer is exposed in clear light and people are made aware of this sinister madness that is threatening the harmony of the communities here. Only then can the healing start. And until then, I will take the heat and go the distance - alone or with like-minded people willing to take pro-active initiatives as well.

Crazy Times

Crazy Times

This character-smearing is like a forest fire - it can no longer be controlled, not even by the ones who started it. And it's the easiest thing to start. Anyone can be made a victim - all it takes is for someone to add "it made me feel uncomfortable" or "creepy". The most innocent gesture can be weaponized - a good friend was attacked online by saying "all lives matter". Rumours are taken as facts and a wild frenzy ensues. Critical thinking gives way to mob-thinking. Gasoline is poured into the mayhem while chanting a mantra. Yes, these are crazy times.

At first I was very angry and wanted to inflict pain and retribution. After days of mindful thinking and observation, there was no anger anymore. I just wanted the madness to stop because it made no utter sense. But at this point, I don't even want it to stop. I just say, "Let it burn until there is nothing left to burn. Let it happen if it needs to happen. Whatever purpose this serves, let it be served". I'm willing to take the heat and go the distance.

No matter how this gets resolved, I will not go back to teaching YITP. I still love this group, but I've had enough. I've come forward because I've done nothing wrong and I have nothing to hide.

Thank you all for taking the time to read up until this point.