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How it works


Here is the problem:

Immigration/Check-in counter wants to see your onward flight to ensure you won't be staying indefinitely in the country of destination (or arrival). But what if you don't know how long you want to stay in that country or where your next destinaton is? You'll be forced to book an expensive flight you may never use. This means a costly cancellation or costly rebooking. It's a traveler's nightmare!

This is the solution:

Book your onward flight with us by filling-in the form. For $10, we will email you an onward flight booking (in .jpg format). You can either print it or save it on your phone or tablet. Present this to Immigration/airline Check-in counter when asked. It satisfies their requirement. You can pay either thru Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.



When will I receive the email with the onward flight booking?

Within 24 hours.

If I don't take the flight, do I get a refund?

No. Consider your payment as a non-refundable processing/documentation fee for the onward flight booking.

If I later want to change the information after getting the onward flight booking, can you do the change?

No. You will have to make another booking and there is no refund for the original booking.

On the booking, why is the country of arrival different from the country I specified.

Most likely, there is no direct flight from your departure country to the destination country you specified. We only make the booking on the country where the connecting flight can be done. However, this booking satisfies the Immigration/Check-in requirement of being presented an onward flight booking.

Can I pay the balance and use my booking to take that flight?

No. The onward flight booking is to keep that flight slot for you and produce that booking document for presentation to Immigration/Check-in counter. It doesn't go into the actual flight cost. If you wish to take that flight, you have to make another booking for the actual flight - we recommend Skyscanner.net as they search the web for the cheapest flights.

Do I have to pay the remaining balance of the flight ticket?

No. Your payment pays the booking in full and no more payment is expected.