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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Q: There are many directory websites out there. Why should I post my establishment here?

A: Coconut Insider puts your establishment on the forefront of internet users including locals, tourists and foreigners who use the internet as the first source of information. This can dramatically increase your traffic, and consequently, sales.

This is achieved in the following ways:

Q: How important is search engine optimization?

A: According to Google, 82% of web traffic comes from search engines. It means if your site is not search engine optimized, for every $18 you make on the web, you're actually losing $82 in potential revenue.

Q: Do you guarantee a #1 spot in Google for my webpage?

A: No. And nobody can make that guarantee, no matter what they claim. However, the SEO employed on this site has been proven effective and successful.

Q: Will you provide site updates when the webpage goes live?

A: No. Site update or content maintenance is not part of the subscription service. It can be availed of but subject to a different contract agreement.

Q: What's your subscription rate for a business listing?

Email Pricing is performance-based and vary accordingly. The quotation given to you will be valid for a week. We do not accommodate free listings.

Q: What steps do I take to advertise here?

A: 1. If you have a website, email your website address. That's where most of your info will be based on. If you don't have a website, go to a webpage in Coconut Insider, similar to your establishment. If you're listing a resto, go to any resto webpage. Note the information displayed and email those information as it pertains to your establishment, including pictures and logo. Please ensure you send ALL information in one email.

2. Provide full payment (bank details to follow).

Once payment and information are received, your webpage goes live in one week.

Q: Is this a one-time fee?

A: No. It's an annual fee subject to renewal at the prevailing rate during its anniversary.

Q: What's your email address?

A: email:

Q: Ok, I'm ready to sign-up. What do I do?

A: click this.

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