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deli sausages
beer & bread

About Michael Zangl

I grew up in a small Bavarian town in Germany. In 2005, at the age of 15, I began to learn the butcher craft in an old, traditional family business. Even after working for over a dozen different butchers, I found nowhere the same quality that I experienced during my apprentice years.

In 2011 I received my Master Craftsman Certificate from the German Chamber of Crafts. The highest degree for a German craftsman.

In March 2017 I moved to Da Nang and opened a small sausage production three months later. I shipped the machines over from Germany and implemented the same hygiene standards. We import the high quality spices as well as German beech which we use to smoke our products.

I use zero additives or conservatives to mix with the meat and I only use strictly controlled organic pigs. We offer a broad variety of sausages and ham. I also brought an oven to make traditional Bavarian bread and rolls (Brotchen), using my family's sourdough recipes.

I also have fantastic imported Bavarian beer available. Sausage, Bread and Beer are the three things most highly cultivated and developed in German food history. I am happy to bring a taste of home to Vietnam and hope you like my food.

I deliver my products to many resorts and businesses in the area and now I have opened my deli in Da Nang and hope you come buy or order some of my products to be delivered. It's excellent for BBQ-parties with friends in your garden.

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner so feel free to stay and enjoy the amazing varieties of food we have to offer.

You have to try the Weibwurstfruhstuck at least once in your life :)

Weibwurstfruhstuck consists of the boiled bavarian white sausage, a bretzel, a wheat beer and sweet mustard.

Please let me know how you like my products and how I can improve my services.

Best Wishes,



House Specialty

Original Bavarian Sausages and Ham

Traditional Bavarian sourdough Bread and Rolls

German Beer

FYI! We offer full-service catering for any event, large or small. We understand your needs and we will cater the food to satisfy the biggerst criteria of them all, both look and taste.


38 Phan Tu, Da Nang, Vietnam
Open from 07:00 - 19:00
Call 090 171 39 60

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