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The Shopping Malls of Bangkok traveling
The Shopping Malls of Bangkok
(Oct 6-20, 2014) I could be staying on an island or up in the mountains for months - no movie house, no exotic cars passing by, no urban nightlife. When in a city, I make the most out of it. Malls? Yeah, bring it on!....more »»

Bangkok's Street Food Delight food
Bangkok's Street Food Delight
(Oct 6-20, 2014) Street-food eating comes alive in Bangkok - cheap, delicious, no tummy issues and it's everywhere 24/7....more »»

Bangkok Revisited 3 traveling
Bangkok Revisited 3
(Oct 6-20, 2014) Bangkok is one place you'll never tire to visit. This is my third and it won't be my last. This time though, I have 20 days to explore the place on my own - no girlfriend, no production crew.....more »»

Bangkok traveling
(December 31, 2005 - January 3, 2006) After a failed attempt to get a reasonably-priced booking for Boracay to ring-in the New Year, Bangkok seemed an exciting alternative. Except for Muay Thai, durian and 'The King and I', I didn't know shit about Bangkok - but I was always curious. The Toronto Burners take it as their favorite haunt - there's got to be something about Bangkok......more »»