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Commercial land along NLEX, ideal for hospital, mall, gasoline station, roadside hotel

NLEX Land, land Guiguinto

Guiguinto property is owned by former Deputy Ombudsman the Hon. Atty Manuel Domingo. Guiguinto is close enough to Manila to be a few hours drive rural respite but not too far to be remote, situated beside the highway along NLEX with paved roads to-from property making it easily accessible for investors interested in developing the area as a hospital, mall, gasoline station, roadside hotel, etc. -- which the location seems to need at the moment. It used to be a mango farm, being an abundant resource of th e fruit-bearing trees. There is a tilapia waterbed and a resort was built for the family's rest and recreation which was eventually rented out to friends. Located at the center of North Rail Project, once this project jumpstarts it will become the center of commerce in the Guiguinto area. It will also be right beside the SOON-to-be-built biggest hospital in the world by INC and the biggest residential city of the INC.

Existing Facilities

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Direction from Manila

Take NLEX, right after INC (Biggest Arena in Meycauyan). It's near Shell Gas Station along NLEX (on your right before Tabang Exit).


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Guiguinto commercial land along NLEX