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Calamianes Expeditions and Ecotours

Community-based Island Tours on Busuanga's Coral Reefs and Beaches from P650

Calamianes Expeditions and Ecotours, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Contact:Mae and Al Linsangan
Location:#11 San Agustin St., Bgry. Poblacion 3, Coron, Palawan, Philippines 5316
Mobile: +63 919 992 6766 | +63 919 305 4363
+63 920 2546553 | +63 917 552 6766
Website: www.corongaleri.com.ph
Member Since: Jan 28, 2012

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P650 Tour of Coron Islands
Cebu Special P650 Tour of Coron Islands

Coron Island Ultimate Tour(Tour B1) P650 - Kayangan Lake, Twin Peaks Reef, Twin Lagoons, Atwayan Beach, CYC Island and Coral Garden, including all island fees, boat, boat guide and lunch. Island hopping, snorkelling, beach bumming...all for P650!

Calamianes Expeditions and Ecotours is the first ecotourism tour operator in Coron to introduce the community-based island-hopping packaged tour concept at an affordable price. This spawned a new industry of budget tour packages.

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Packaged Day Tours

includes: licensed tourist boat with life vest and first-aid kit, boat crew, island fees, lunch and water
** price is per person, minimum 5 pax (joiners welcome!)
  • Coron Town Tour (Tour A) P550 - Coron Galeri Arts & Crafts, Cashew Nut Producer, Tapyas Hill Viewdeck, Maquinit Hot Springs, Coron Market
  • Coron Island Ultimate Tour (Tour B1) P650 - Kayangan Lake, Twin Peaks Reef, Twin Lagoons, Atwayan Beach, CYC Island and Coral Garden
  • Las Islas Tribal Eco-tour (Tour B2) P750 - Banol Beach, Barracuda Lake, Calachuchi Reef, Siete Pecados Marine Park, Alcatraz Reef
  • Sun, Sea and Sand Eco-Tourism Experience (Tour C) P950 - Malcapuya Island (Option to add Banana Island & Bulog Is. P250/pax)
  • Culion Island Historical Walk Experience (Tour D) P1150 - Culion 17th Century Church, Museum, Bogor Marine Park
  • Sangat WWII Shipwreck, Kalitang Beach & Hotsprings Tour (Tour E) P950 - WWII Gunboat Shipwreck, Kalitang Beach, Decalve Reef, Sangat Hotsprings
  • Trekking and Mangrove Kayaking at Kingfisher Park (Tour F) P1500 - Kingfisher Park, Lunes Santo Mt. Trail, Malbato Mangrove
  • Calumbuyan Island Eco-Tour (Tour G) P990 - Calumbuyan Island, Lusong Gunboat, Coral Garden
  • Calauit Safari Tour by sea (Tour H-1) P2600 - Calauit Safari Park, Black Island Caves, Panlaitan Village
  • Calauit Safari Tour by land (Tour H-2) P2300 - Calauit Safari Park, Concepcion Pierhouse, Salvacion Town

Multi-day Expeditions

  • Calamianes Expeditions & EcoTours - choose from several multi-day and night packages
  • Customized Tour - personally design your tour program by identifying your specific areas of interest
  • Specialized Tours - for research, special case study, photography, cultural immersion and other special interest tours

Other Services

  • Equipment Rental - snorkeling gear, professional lifevest, tents, digital underwater camera, mountain bikes, kayaks, hammocks, sleeping bags

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Bich TuyenBich Tuyen star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(June 4, 2015) Being a solo traveler in Coron, which is the first destination for my first time in the Philippines, I chose Calamianes for the tours so that I didn't have to think about planning the daily activities. Every morning, I took one of their many tours which were well designed and operated by an effective and friendly staff. I actually made friend with them. They took us to many nice places where me and others enjoyed swimming, snorkeling and free diving. For lunch, they served us lots of simple but good food like rice, squid, big fish, sea weed salad, banana, Coke/bottled water. I was totally refreshed and filled up with good energy at the end of the day. And when I left for the airport, they called their friend to take me there in a very nice car with same price. Thanks a lot!

David KuhnDavid Kuhn star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Nov 9, 2014) The crew of Calamianes Expedition made our time in Coron unforgettable. We saw Coron from its most beautiful side in a totally relaxed and comfortable way. The two guides really made sure we could spend as much time as we wanted at every single spot, provided as with a delicious lunch at the beach and even fulfilled an extra wish when requested. Plus the snorchel gear was very good. So if thinking about going with Calamianes, I totally recommend doing it. Thumps up!

Medalaine PelegrinMedalaine Pelegrin star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Jun 16, 2014) Coron has been my dream destination for years. I have been able to visit Puerto Princesa and El Nido, equally beautiful spots but my experience in Coron has been one of the best I had so far.

Coron Island Ultimate Tour and Sangat WWII Shipwreck, Kalitang Beach and Hotspring Tour

  • Office organization and waiting area of Calamianes Expedition is clean and engaging with pictures and maps posted on the wall.
  • The staff are friendly and knows exactly what they are talking. During our tour, Sangat Hotspring was closed for some reason, therefore they took us to Kayangan Lake as replacement.
  • It was value for money. Aside from the island hopping, we had seafood lunch and drinks to help us go through the entire day.
  • Equipment rentals are available and at reasonable price.
  • The boat drivers were attentive and mindful in informing us on specific areas where corals are abundant and beautiful. They also informed us not to throw garbage in the sea.
I will definitely go back to Coron and still go to Calamianes for tours. With them, I am assured with the service and quality of people they give you.

Vehm ReyesVehm Reyes star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Oct 29, 2013) My boyfriend and I went with the other explorers on the boat, but I can say the both of us enjoyed more than the others. We snorkeled in salt and fresh water, and even where the salt and fresh water mix in the Hidden Lagoon. We trekked for 2 minutes to Kayangan Lake and enjoyed the surreal view. The food was AWESOME! They cooked it on the boat with a griller, fresh fish, meat, veggies and a lot of rice. It will definitely make up for the day. Even if we have to pay for the whole trip, we would. It is definitely WORTH IT! Thank you so much Gigit, Kuya Al and Ate Mae. =)

Bobby DucusinBobby Ducusin star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Feb 5, 2012) Availed of B1 and B2 packages with my family. A real value for your money.

Blues ZhangBlues Zhang star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Jan 26, 2012) Would like to be back for other Day-Tour packages that I have not tried yet.

Gigit SulitGigit Sulit star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Jan 10, 2012) I've done Tours B1, B2, C and G, combining island hopping with snorkeling and beach bumming. All those tours were fun and budget-friendly with a professional boat crew ready to extend assistance. It was an excellent occasion to meet new people who I ended up hanging-out with after the tour.

Just a few years back, visiting the islands would mean chartering a boat and paying all the island fees. They amounted to a couple of thousands. Now, you get 6 island destinations including island fees and a sumptuous lunch for a very reasonable P650! Big thumbs up to Al and Mae Linsangan for making Coron a backpacker-friendly destination.